Insel Jemal

is a Director and co-founder of Meir with 30+ years experience in international HR with a broad ranging set of skills. He has worked extensively in line HR management roles, including roles as HR Director with Granada and EDS. He has also worked as a senior consultant at a number of consulting practices, including Ernst & Young, as well as establishing his own consulting practice. His specialisation has been in the area of performance and talent management and he has developed a competency based performance management and job evaluation system that now underpins the Meir survey process. He has conducted consulting assignments in Europe, the Middle East and West and North Africa.

Simon Norridge

is a Director and co-founder of Meir and has over 30+ years experience as a consultant in the areas of international and domestic remuneration and HR policy and practice. He specialises in the design and implementation of international remuneration systems and the development of international employment policies and procedures. He has worked as a senior consultant with ORC, Hay and Sedgwick plc. He has a significant amount of experience in the oilfield service sector and has carried out a number of survey and other assignments in this field since 1992. He has worked throughout the world in Europe, Africa, the Middle and Far East, North and South America. He has lived and worked as an expatriate in North Africa.


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