Reward Information - the perfect snapshot:

What is the market paying? Get a broad overview or drill down to the detail with Job pricing and Meir level analysis to facilitate your reward benchmarking processes.


Our reports give you an overview of remuneration for different levels and functions – then enable you to drill down into the data to get precise and detailed pay data for specific roles.


Job pricing shows market percentiles for one specific role against the comparators / variables you choose – splitting the results into your key compensation comparator such as Guaranteed Cash or Total Cash.


Meir level analysis looks across several grade levels so you can visualise salary progression. You can pinpoint exactly the salary data snapshot you want.


Key features:

  • Like-for-like comparisons

  • Custom percentiles

  • Accurate forecasting pay data available

  • Display results in MEIR Levels or your own grades

  • Salary data available across all employee levels

  • Compensation and benefits elements available as standard in the following analyses:

                   •  Base Salary •  Guaranteed Cash  •  Total Cash  •  Total Fixed Pay
  •    Total Compensation

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