Leading organisations understand the need for competencies in unlocking the potential of their people. However, few have managed to develop a holistic approach designed to benefit all aspects of an organisation. At Meir we have pioneered in this area for the last fifteen years and our global client base have benefited from our unique, seamless and transparent approach enabling them to implement excellent people management systems.

The Meir Global Framework
Our approach is based on competencies and underpinned by a global career framework. As such it can be used to support all aspects of the people management process.

Our core competency model forms the basis for a job profiling process which enables the development of effective job classification and pay structuring solutions.

Through the introduction of a company specific functional competency framework we can develop an effective performance management process.

Meir Job Evaluation

Meir JE is the simplest and most sophisticated competency based process available to you. Its effectiveness is increased by the provision of a web based application driving job profiling, reporting, pay modelling and employee costing.

Simple to use and easy, easy to explain and totally transparent, it facilitates the involvement of line managers in the process whilst removing the need for cumbersome and time consuming JE committees.


Unlike most other approaches, the Meir JE approach leaves ownership of the process with you, not the consultants. It can also be used to support organisation change. It seamlessly links with the Meir Market Pay database and others as our job levels are mapped to those of all other major data providers. It is culturally neutral and globally comparable and provides a tried and tested competency based grading solution. 


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