Meir Global

We are a ‘boutique’ consultancy who provide a very personal service to our clients

The chances are you probably haven't heard of us but we have been supporting our clients since the early 1990's.

'ircc' established a phenomenal track record for producing high-quality pay surveys, particularly in Africa. At the same time Merway developed a competency based approach for profiling jobs and developing a seamless link between pay, performance and talent management.

In 2008 
Merway and ircc merged to form Meir. The result is world class reward surveys that are underpinned by a 'global career framework' comparable with that of any other organisation. It is our unique ability to keep this process both simple and transparent that our clients value us for most.

We are the company our clients turn to when they need something tailor made not off the shelf. So read on and discover why we have such an impressive client list.

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A unique and personal consulting service like no other...